Says no to anal sex

Rather than an article from someone espousing a mainstream sexual preference no analfar bolder would have been to have an article about how to have anal in an enjoyable and fun and safe way, if you want it. People commenting or no means no — is the whole article about not bowing down to man wishes? If you take at face value the importance of a personal piece about says no to anal sex who harass for anal — and I do see the importance of such a story- then that is one thing.

Says no to anal sex
Says no to anal sex
Says no to anal sex
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Says no to anal sex

7 Ways to Say No to Your Partner's Interest In a 'Different' Type of Sex

I feel like this article was slightly too negative. Michele Zipp February 6, at What an incredibly heteronormative, stereotype-fed, irritating article. But I am not intelligentsia… just a gal trying to make an honest living by queering shit up in this case, it seems, quite literally.

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As far as I am aware contra the claims made by the author people are NOT having loads of anal sex all over the place. Normally I would pick up on satire well hopefully, anyway but today it seems to have flown straight over my head. The coup de grace:

Says no to anal sex
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